BollyX - Online

Zumba with Jo is bringing this amazing new dance fitness programme to you! 

I am so super excited to be the first Instructor in Brighton and infact Sussex taking classes.

Online classes are live via Zoom, all you need is internet connection, a device with a screen and some space in your front room, bedroom, hallway, or even the garden. 


BollyX is a Bollywood inspired dance-fitness programme that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from India, including Bhangra, Indian pop, Bollywood and even some Indian folk thrown in.


Health benefits of BollyX

A 30 minute cardio workout including lower and higher intensity dance routines to get you moving, sweating, and smiling. 

You will burn calories, strengthen muscles, improve your flexibility and co-ordination, as

well as improve posture.

Best of all you will just feel great releasing all those endorphins!


The BollyX programme is created by world class choreographers and certified fitness professionals to ensure a safe and effective total body dance workout for everyone.

I cannot tell you how much fun it is! 

BollyX is new to the UK but I'm sure it will be a household name, just like Zumba, in the future.

Be in it from the beginning with me and share my BollyX  journey.


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