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Cornona Virus update

Clearly large groups of people exercising together is now not possible sadly, so for the moment I have decided to do a reduced class of 6 participants.

The Community Centre is very spacious and reducing the number to 6 people will more than meet the required 2 metre minimum distance recommended. I feel strongly that keeping fit is so important in maintaining a good immune system. If you are well and want to work out then come to Zumba.

There will not be a Zumba Gold class - instead both classes will be a mix of Zumba and Zumba Gold to give a medium intensity workout.

Tuesday nights 7-8pm and Saturday morning 10-11am.

You can book the class on the website - pre booking is essential as I don't want to have to turn any one away on the door.

Lets dance through it people!!! Jo

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