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What's new for 2021?

This is a question I keep asking myself lately.

2020 has been a strange year for everyone across the planet, but it's not all been bad.

Looking back I've been pretty busy!

If it wasn't for the first lockdown in March, I would not have taken the BollyX training course, I wouldn't have learned how to use and teach through Zoom and I would not have met all you lovely new people through the online classes.

It's been amazing to have faces popping up on screen from all over the UK and as far away as the USA.

During the second lockdown I did 3 more courses through Zumba HQ to help me refine my virtual teaching skills and learn more about communication and marketing to reach a bigger audience.

Also I've had the time to listen to lots more music than I normally would have, so I've discovered some great new genres and artists to add to class playlists, hopefully bringing you a really varied and interesting class.

For many years I have been working in design and print, and I thought it would be great to combine this experience with my new life.

This year I have added a shop to the website - I want to incorporate some of the passions I have for dance fitness with my practical experience in print production, hence the shop. I plan to add more products over the coming months.

So all in all, 2020 has brought some very positive outcomes to my life.

Looking ahead to next year, and it's very hard to make plans. Never knowing what the next government announcement will be for group exercise classes.

With this in mind my strategy is to try and do it all!!

ZOOM - is not going anywhere!

Now we've all discovered that, yes, dance fitness works online, it's surly here to stay.

The convenience, being able to do classes that aren't local, for people shielding...there's a whole host of reasons why we will all be jumping around our living rooms in the future.

In January I have a new class starting at South Coast Gym in Lancing, this will be an hour of both BollyX and Zumba, and East meets West MASHUP!!

Because BollyX is still a new program to the UK and doesn't have the mighty marketing power of Zumba, it's hard to get people to try something they've never heard of.

So this way by combining the 2, I'm hoping that Zumba fans will give it go and discover why I love BollyX so much, and hopefully start getting the message out about this great fitness class.

Zumba Gold at The Shoreham Centre has been fabulous this year!

Monday lunchtime is fully attended every week, and now that there's another class added on Thursdays, I hope that will soon be just as popular.

So as 2021 approaches, I'm looking forward to being with you either on screen from my front room, or on a dance floor in person. Whatever the circumstances, it seems there's always a way to keep on dancing!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas, whoever you're with and where ever you are.

Thank you so much for your support throughout 2020,

and have a happy New Year!

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Membro desconhecido
15 de dez. de 2020

Thanks Jo Your classes are brilliant, as you say who would have guessed we would be zooming Zumba and Bolly X. It’s been amazing for me doing long distance dance. Have a good Christmas Dx


15 de dez. de 2020

Thanks for coming to so many classes! Also for you’re invaluable tech support 🥴😂 You’re a star! xx


15 de dez. de 2020

Thank you Jo for being the consistency throughout this crazy year... Zumba and BollyX with you have truly been a sanity saver and kept my waistline down 🤣 I wish you and your family a fabulous Xmas and bring on an exciting 2021 😘 sending lots of virtual hugs

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