Corporate, Weddings & Parties!

Looking for something a bit different to get your guests up on the dance floor?

BollyX or Zumba is a fantastic ice breaker!

Events, weddings, hen nights, anniversary,

in fact you can get any party going with a 30 minute BollyX or Zumba dance

session (not a workout). 

Carefully selected songs with very easy, low intensity choreographies

that all ages can follow and enjoy.....

who doesn't love a bit of group participation on the dance floor.

Durning the lockdown many companies have taken to Zoom as a great

way for staff to communicate remotely from the office.

How about having some fun after work!? 

A zoom dance off between colleagues live on screen, everyone can

let their hair down together with some Zumba or BollyX dance fitness fun.

Bring people together know what they say about all work

and no play!!

Contact me for further information.