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Future Fit is a 6 week in person course with small groups of 8 participants who are looking to increase strength, and improve their fitness and ability to perform every day tasks as they get older.


During the 6 weeks I will be showing you how to improve your functional fitness and build strength. This can greatly aid in fall prevention and how we approach completing every day tasks. We will be doing this together with the aid of some simple equipment and through workouts. (Which will be fun!) You can log your workouts and progress in a book that you'll receive in your first class, in which you will find some extra pages so that you can carry on after the 6 weeks is up.

Also we will be discussing food. 

As we age it’s important to be getting the right proportion of macros into our diets. This can help our bodies process calcium, protein and help to maintain good bone health. Eating a healthy, varied diet and making positive lifestyle changes can help to reduce the severity of menopausal  symptoms. It can also help protect against some of the longer-term health conditions that postmenopausal women have a higher risk of, such as osteoporosis (a condition that weakens bones and makes them break more easily) and heart disease.


The exercises we will be incorporating are to work on muscle groups required to perform these daily tasks and more:


  • Sitting to standing

  • Getting dressed

  • Reaching high places

  • Getting up from a fall 

  • Lifting shopping and heavy items

  • Dexterity in wrists and grip

  • Preventing shuffling, which can cause falls.

If you want to be living an independent, healthy, active life then this course will give you the knowledge, and get you into the routine of incorporating the best physical and nutritional practices to do so.

Combine this with some dance fitness and you are gonna feel awesome!!

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