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2022 - What a year for fundraising!

Little did I imagine when I started teaching dance fitness that I would become involved in so much fundraising for charities.

WOW!! 2022 has been amazing.

In January I held the first 'Zumbathon' - Party in Pink.

It was an amazing afternoon with guest instructors Silvia and Claudia from StudioF in Brighton collaborating to bring some fabulous routines.

The aim was to raise over £1000 for Breast Cancer Now. Well we certainly managed that.

With a cake and back stall, raffle and ticket sales for the event, as well as some extra donations, we raised an astonishing £1,155.00

Here's a little reminder of that day in January

Then tragically in February 2022 the Russians invaded Ukraine.

There was a collective feeling of helplessness in the country, everyone wanted to show support and try to help, but how to do that?

Well a Zumbathon of course!

Having just donated so much money to the Breast Cancer Now charity event, you all dug deep and we went again......this time with a Blue and Yellow themed Zumbathon to raise money for the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.

Sarah Simmonds from SK Dance came and trod the boards that afternoon with us,

which was a real treat.

More cooking!! and a hugely successful bake stall manned by Ruth and Sue.

Your baked goodies went like hot cakes, helping to bump up the takings to an amazing


Here's a reminder of that day in April

Here we are now in November and on the verge of recession and financial anxiety for everyone.

It's going to be a tough Christmas for many people and their families. So what better way to lend a hand than to raise money for food banks.

I've begun to realise that the Zumba With Jo...let's go! crew are always up for a dance fitness and charity fundraising challenge!

So with this in mind I thought what better than an EXTRAVAGANZA! Bringing dance fitness instructors from Worthing, Shoreham, Southwick, Rustington and London all on stage in one diverse musical event.

A great opportunity to showcase the many styles of music, rhythm and dance we are fortunate to have access to.

It was especially meaningful to me, as for the first time I got to meet some other instructors, whom I'd only known through social media, in person. So it really felt like a reunion. This time I also managed to get some local business to dig deep too, with a raffle that had some excellent prizes. Just the raffle alone raised £592!

Some local dignitaries turned up, and even had a boogie.

The event was a sell out, and the total proceeds to The Trussell Trust


Here's a reminder of last weekend

I wanted to write this little blog just to emphasise to you just how wonderful in spirit everyone who comes to my classes are. Without your generosity and enthusiasm these events wouldn't happen, so big thanks from me as I love organising them for you.

As you may have noticed, I am never on my own at these events. My wonderful friend Sheryl has been instrumental in her support. So a massive thanks to her for rolling with my crazy ideas!!

Anyway - you can be super proud, because in 2022 your have collectively raised an amazing


Thanks so much to each and every person that has donated!

I am already looking forward to next year......

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