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6 good reasons why you should try Zumba


Cardio is important to general health as it helps the body burn calories. In turn this aids weight loss if desired.

Regular cardio exercise increases lung capacity and makes your heart strong so that it doesnt have to work too hard to pump blood round the body.

With a healthy heart there is reduced risk of heart attack, high cholesteral, diabetes, high blood pressure and it even prevents some forms of cancer.

The Uk Government suggests at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week. This might include brisk walking and cylcing, but Zumba certainly

ticks all the boxes in the cardio requirements.

Posture correction:

The many different movements during your zumba routine, when followed correctly, will help ensure good posture. I frequently tell students too

keep their chin up, chest out and to stand tall. We are all so used to bending over our keyboards and tablets that it's easy to forget

to straighten up. Many of the routines in my class provide opportunity for stretching and putting our arms above the head. After just a few weeks

you will notice the difference.


Much of the choreographies in my zumba class work on the core muscles. Again, sedatory lifestyle makes our muscles tight.

The movements in Cumbia routines that replicate working a Scythe which uses the muscles in your torso and also your legs.

Reggaeton also works the legs. Combining the four basic dance styles within the zumba fitness programme gives a full body workout

and tones most areas.

Weight Loss:

You can expect to burn a whole heap of calories in an hour workout. Check out the Zumba Calories Burned Calculator at

just put in your weight, intensity of workout and time your session lasts for to get an approximation.

Weight loss is simply calories in verses calories out.

Do not burn 500 calories in your class and then go home and eat 700 calories of chocolate cake! You will not lose weight.


Zumba dance moves were designed to enhance flexibility and agility. Unlike exercising at the gym where you are repeating the same movements and

exercises over and over again, dance is intermittant in movements and so you are not relying on muscle memory. You are subjecting your muscles to all

different tpes of movement and this in turn will make you more flexible.


Zumba makes you happy!!

An hour in the day when you completely switch off from the daily grind, make time for yourself, and give your brain a good rest.

Dancing releases endorphins which give you a real feel good factor.

Students leave my classes hot and sweaty, but also smiling.

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