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I've learned something important about myself!

Life lessons..........not something we think about on a daily basis, but just one little

accident can make you consider things a whole lot differently.

I realised that I am only human, that I am not immune to bad luck, and that I need

to have back up plans for when life throws curveballs!

Annoyingly I've been out of action due to a bad ankle sprain and it meant I had to cancel a

week of classes. Even after a week off it was still not safe to be taking full on Zumba classes.

This experience has made me realise that I cannot always do EVERYTHING on my own,

no matter how independent and experienced at running my businesses I like to think I am.

I've been very fortunate over the last few years to meet some really great dance fitness

instructors, and through the various fundraising events, you've had a chance to meet them too.

In order to keep continuity, and ensure that you guys get your weekly dance fitness fix,

I've put together a little team who can step in when I'm away.

I have a holiday booked from 25.5.23 - 1.6.23 - so here's the team who will be covering classes

while I'm away.

Let me introduce them to you ........

Marika (Zumba Gold) - she will be taking a class on Friday in Worthing

Dani (Zumba Gold) - She will be taking classes in Worthing, Shoreham & Burgess Hill

Kyra (Zumba) - she will be taking classes in Shoreham & Hangleton.

They are all fully licensed instructors trained to teach these classes, and each of them

has their own flavour and style.

I also have to thank Marie Saunders from Worthing for stepping in this week

(very last minute) at The Shoreham Centre for the Wednesday night Zumba class. She's already confirmed that she will be at the next fundraiser in September,

so you'll be seeing some more of Marie soon too.

I know how much you love your dance fitness, and with this in mind I felt that

giving you the option of keeping to your exercise routines could only be a good


We become very attached to the people we share classes with, so I understand that

you might prefer to just give it a miss for a week, but honestly, go and try one of

these guys out!

They love Zumba just as much as you do and will be working hard

to give you a really great class.

Thank you for all your kind messages over the last week or so, it's given me great

joy and I'm sure has mentally helped me along the road of recovery.

Your support by coming to classes means the world and I am truly grateful to

you for choosing Zumba With Jo...Let's go! as your fitness provider.

Zumba love to you! Jo x

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