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It will be great - you'll see!

So, you may have spent time in lockdown eating and drinking too much, you might have fallen out of the exercise routine, you could be feeling nervous about being with lots of people again.

Over the past year or so we have all had radical change to our lives, and some of us were finding self confidence, self control and being socially active before the pandemic hard, let alone now!

Your self conscience is telling you that you need to start 'a new normal', shape up, get motivated, reconnect with the world, but your emotions are holding you back.

Does this sound familiar?

I can tell you that it doesn't have to be hard to achieve these things, I'm here to help you. You can make these changes in stages that are manageable.

That could be through joining a live class.........(gasp!)

Don't be afraid, and here's why, read on........


From 17th April there are new live exercise classes starting up all over the place, and I include myself in that.

What makes my classes, I feel, a bit special, is the inclusiveness that you will find from me and the other participants.

The ethos of my classes is that they are a special hour for YOU, not me, YOU.

A time when you can leave the rest of your life on pause and spiritually and emotionally recharge. It's called 'ME TIME'.

During that class you will be lifted by music and exercised through dance.

It doesn't matter to me, or anyone else there, if you are over weight, under weight, old, young, shy or extrovert, in as much as we come together despite these things not because of them.


Zumba and Zumba Gold are programmes that are professionally choreographed routines that include exercise movements to music.

The class is a mix of styles and tempos that ensure that you move every party of your body throughout the session.

Zumba Gold is the ideal class for complete newcomers to exercise and for active seniors, as it's lower intensity with more repetitive routines.

So if you've never done any dance fitness before, this could be the class for you.

Zumba is a higher intensity class which suits people who are already active and are looking to increase or maintain their current fitness levels.

However, you can still start at a Zumba session, it may just take a little longer to get the hang of it.

Sounds complicated? Not at all - you just watch and follow, and if you don't want to follow and you want to freestyle a bit then that's fine too.

You will go the wrong direction, you might nearly collide with your neighbour, you will start on the wrong foot, and you will definitely keep going when the music stops at some point!

How do I know for sure?

Because that's what happens at Zumba, and that's what makes it fun.

And yes, I get it wrong too sometimes, and I know that you guys will be the first to notice.

But it doesn't matter, we're not trying to be perfect, we're just being ourselves.


Classes are a fabulous opportunity to meet people you would never normally have the opportunity to meet.

I started 11 years ago, and I have made many great friends at Zumba classes in that time.

We might all be from different backgrounds, but our love of dance fitness brings us together, and that's a wonderful thing.

I also found, before I was teaching Zumba, that by being in a class I pushed myself just a little bit more.

There was always someone in the front row who was faster, fitter and younger than me, and that just made me want to up my game, so I would work a little harder to keep up.

I soon noticed the physical benefits.

What you have to remember is that no one is watching you, or really cares what you're doing, because they're too busy having a good time!

After a few classes you'll relax into the routine, and you'll start to feel confident, fitter and healthier. mentally and physically.


Yes online classes are fabulous too!

What would we have all done for the past 14 months without Zoomba?

I really want to keep the Zoom classes going, so I hope that if you can't make a live class that you'll still attend these.

The timetable will contain less Zoom classes from 17.5.21, but I hope you'll be able to make the times at least once a week.

I love the fact that people can join from all over the world, it's been so brilliant to meet you all each week on the laptop.

Even on Zoom there is still the feeling of community, and belonging to something that's a shared positive experience.

The benefits for Zooming are the same as those you get from a live class, with the added convenience of no travel time, parking, and the luxury of not rushing from work.

So if you can't get to a live class, please keep it up on Zoom.

Just a reminder at this point, that there are also classes to rent ON DEMAND.

Zumba, Zumba Gold & Bollywood are available on the website. Once you've bought the class it's available to watch as many times as you like for upto 24 hours!


You can become a member of Zumba with Jo...Let's go! on the website.

It's FREE and it has benefits:

  • You are automatically entered into a regular draw to win free zoom classes.

  • You receive a weekly newsletter with updates and offers.

  • You can download the APP which allows you to book and reschedule on the go.

  • You can follow and chat with other members through the website.

There is also a PRIVATE Facebook group called Zumba and Bollyx with Jo

The only people that can join the group are class attendees and members,

so it's a great space to interact and connect with each other, out of public view.

If you'd like to join please click on the link below :

It's a strange time that we are living in.

But if there's one thing I know for sure, we will always find a way to enjoy music and dance either as individuals or in groups.

For thousands of years the human race has found psychological, emotive and physical benefits through these activities, so I don't see us stopping any time soon, do you!?

For more information on class times, prices and more - check out the website

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Hannah Evans
Hannah Evans
May 07, 2021

I like to say a massive thank you to Jo Zumba and Zumba Gold and Bollywood my favourite and I love it and enjoyed it I love keeping fit and dancing it has inspire me a lot

Hannah Evans
Hannah Evans
May 07, 2021
Replying to

That’s great can’t wait Jo 😀

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